Suheg rubber industries


Suheg Rubber has on offer a wide selection of quality o-rings. With us, you can get access to virtually any type and size of o-ring. As you would well be aware, O-rings are one of the most functional parts with much utility.

From making airtight containers to automobiles construction, o-rings are useful in different day- to day areas. Our vast selection allows you an access to these parts at a very affordable price. Before you buy them, you can check the Standard O-Ring chart. This will help you to make your choice. 

O rings, though simple in design, need good finish. They are very popular accessory in manufacturing and industry. O rings, if mounted correctly, can well withstand a large amount of pressure. Therefore they are used in several applications where loss or leaks of pressure is unacceptable.

For example, O rings are used in hydraulic cylinders to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage. This allows for the system to withstand and create the pressures required for operation. You can contact with our sales team member to look for a specific type of o-ring that you would like to acquire from us.