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Rubber bushings

Quality rubber bushings are employed for the purpose of absorbing shock and cut down vibration. Suheg Rubber has on offer a wide range of rubber bushings.

A rubber bushing is a key device, primarily employed in suspension systems that will separate the faces of two metal objects, still allowing a fixed or set degree of movement. This will allow the suspension parts to freely move, for instance, when speeding over a large bump. It minimizes transmission of excess noise and minor vibrations through to the vehicle’s chassis.

A rubber bushing may be described as a flexible anti-vibration mounting. The rubber bushing Uses include, shock absorber mountings, in front wishbone assemblies and on anti-roll bar links and mountings, just to name but a few.

They have their own advantages and a few disadvantages as well, and hence they need to be used to be under expert guidance with regular checking done. For example, one advantage of using a quality rubber bushing over a solid bearing system are, as mentioned above, less noise and reduced vibration transmission through rubber.

The material needs little or no lubrication. One minor disadvantage of using rubber bushings is that they can quickly deteriorate, especially in the presence of mineral oil. Also, extreme heat or cold can lead to failure.