Suheg rubber industries

Rubber Diaphragms

Suheg Rubber is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality rubber products including Rubber Diaphragms.

Suheg Rubber manufactures high quality Rubber diaphragms for various applications. As you may be aware these include LPG Valves, CNG Valves, Pumps, Actuators, Wax actuators, Gas Diaphragm, Pressure Diaphragm and Thermal Actuators. Diaphragms produced by us are customized to the client needs - both reinforced as well as non-reinforced.

Designing and actually making a Rubber Diaphragm is a job that involves a great amount of skill. It’s a science itself. There are a lot of critical factors involved for getting the right fit; for instance design, pressure, raw material and medium in contact are some of them. Hence, it is best to make use of professional expertise right from the key development stage to improve product efficiency.

You can rest assured that diaphragms from us are fabricated so as to work in different trying conditions, temperatures and rigorous working environment.

We are renowned for manufacturing high quality Saunders Diaphragms. They are easily available in various types to widen the choice for you.