Suheg rubber industries


Suheg Rubber is renowned to produce a comprehensive series of quality industrial rubber products, practically used across wide range industries. Fenders is one among them. We stock a good variety of fenders to meet your needs, and that too, with least possible amount of lead time.

Fenders reflect our commitment to produce the best product variety for you. We have established ourselves as a leading maker of the rubber fender variety. They are so designed that they can withstand the toughest working conditions.

With years of experiences, we are able to provide flexible fender elements. We can make and supply types of rubber fender as asked by the client. We are well capable of coming up with requisite work specifications, to satisfy each and every client’s peculiar needs. And this is what makes our rubber products truly unique and customer friendly. We are constantly striving to enlarge our product offerings.

Cost is another critical factor but we believe it’s the quality and long-lasting performance that should invariably come first. Based on this philosophy, we help all our esteemed clients to meet their design requirements for fenders.