Suheg rubber industries

Filter seals

Over the last several years, we have established ourselves as a major player in the rubber product range. We have produced quality parts for several applications from a wider range of industries. This is what makes Suheg Rubber the right choice for you

Suheg Rubber can be considered among the pioneers of the filter seals. There are several advantages of a filter seal produced from us. The custom designs of filter seals from us mean that they are made to match your unique specifications. Our experienced team designs and manufactures the right rubber filter seal for you to meet your exact needs.

Multi-functionality is another facet. It simplifies your component, thus letting it seal and filter with just one part instead of three or more parts. Another important consideration is cost and time savings made. Fast turnaround is another advantage.

We maintain high level of dimensional tolerance. Our filter seals are no exception to this emphasis on quality. They offer high operational flexibility. We are proud to state our cutting-edge design section is equipped with state of the art facilities. This makes sure that our clients have their rubber product needs met with utmost precision.