Suheg rubber industries

Rubber Gaskets

We manufacture best quality of rubber gaskets. Our rubber gaskets are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They can be used in various domains and industries. All of our rubber gaskets are custom made to meet your work needs.

We supply an assortment of superlative quality rubber gaskets made from the best material you will come across. Rubber gaskets are a kind of seal, basically speaking, employed in mechanical operations. Rubber gaskets keep gases and liquids from getting out. They are a crucial accessory for various industries, especially the automotive industry.

Various rubber gaskets will have different roles to play. They are manufactured accordingly to suit and meet that purpose. They are available in all sorts of sizes as well as shapes. Some of the known types are ring & full face gaskets, jacketed gaskets, flange gaskets and insulator gaskets. You can also ask for custom molded gaskets.

Other popular types of rubber gaskets comprise industrial, heat resistant as well as high temperature rubber gaskets. The known methods of manufacturing a rubber gasket, are water jet cut, die cut, hand cut and rubber molding.