Suheg rubber industries


Grommets are rubber rings, inserted into a hole, which is made through another piece of material. They may be employed for reinforcing the hole, or for shielding something from the hole’s the sharp edges.

Grommets are used as reinforcement of holes. Higher end grommet presses are also there, though a hammer & the grommet-setting tool is generally effective for small projects. The most common use of grommets is to strengthen the holes but they are also effective in other practical applications.

The grommet will prevent the cord from piercing through the hole, providing structural integrity. There are small grommets, called eyelets, used in crafting. When making use of eyelets, they are for decorative purpose. They are also called cringles.

Grommets can also be used as shielding. If metal or any other hard material happens to have a hole in it, it may have sharp edges. This can result in damage to electrical wires, cord, lacings, rope, or other soft vulnerable materials that pass through the hole. They can get abraded or cut. Rubber coated metal grommets are used to avoid this potential damage.