Suheg rubber industries

Rubber Sleeves

There is a vast variety of rubber products that are used for everyday as well as industry applications. From silicone to natural rubber products, they are all of great usage to us. As a flexible material, rubber has grown in importance since its discovery.

Our rubber sleeves are available in different designs and materials and are applicable in various industries like automotive, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, pumps etc.

Rubber sleeves that are extruded from a soft, flexible elastomer give excellent kink resistance, abrasion resistance and tight bend radii. These qualities are combined with requisite strength and flexibility. The sleeves are ideal for arduous and testing situations where flexing and vibration prevent the usage of more traditional materials.

We produce our of rubber products by the process of molding, casting, slitting, cutting, fabricating, extruding, and machining. Importantly, our skilled workers adhere to strict quality standards to provide each of our customers with the best rubber components.

Suheg Rubber has on offer a wide range of rubber components as well as quality parts for our customers. They are manufactured keeping in mind the precise industrial requirements. Rubber sealing is a prime example of this.