Suheg rubber industries

Silicone keypads

Silicone keypads are widely used in most ‘push-button’ facilities that can be found at many plces and areas throughout our day-to-day life.

Silicone keypads are also used in various other domain-specific applications related to computers, automotive, electronic industry, and even communication industries. Made from top quality, fine grade silicone rubber, what make superlative Silicone keypads stand out is their smooth feel and excellent transmission.

Ideally, they should be made of environmentally safe material and have non-toxic properties. The hardness of silicone rubber usually can be graded in the range of 30 to 70 shore A. You should check for the optimum hardness for silicone rubber keypads you want to get manufactured. We can manufacture it depending on your exact requirements.

At Suheg Rubber, we produce the finest quality silicone rubber keypads. A custom designed product portfolio is our forte, and silicone rubber keypads are no exception to this. We adhere to our customers' specifications and instructions. All of the latest technical innovations and options are offered to them to make their transition to fine quality rubber products a successful experience.