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Suction cups

Generally speaking, suction cups are semi-spherical cups made of flexible material, such as premium quality rubber. By pressing the semi-spherical cup onto a hard glass surface and removing air flow from inside the semi-spherical cup, the vacuum created holds the glass and cup together.

The modern suction cup was first patented in 1882. Since then the product has undergone several modifications. Meticulously made suction cups are utilized in the manual and automatic handling applications. A suction cup is identified as a device, which sticks to nonporous and smooth surfaces. They are employed to attach objects together with the usage of suction. They are usually made of plastic, apart from rubber.

The air pressure inside is reduced drastically after pressing the suction cup onto a surface. The higher atmospheric pressure existing outside will prevent it from lifting off the surface. Friction will do the rest. As a leading designer and maker of suction cups, Suheg Rubber has the capabilities to fulfill all your requirements.

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